How To Find The Extra In Your Ordinary




Now that all of the lights and tinsel are boxed back up and the confetti has fell on a brand new year, a lot of us are posed with the question, “Now what?” Some of us go into an after Christmas depression because the magic leaves us until the following year. I have been guilty of feeling this way before. However this year, I wasn’t dreading saying farewell to the hustle and bustle. I didn’t go all misty eyed like normal when I had to pack up the Christmas decor. You see, in our household, we celebrate Christs birth all year long. Still, theres something refreshing about having a new start. Whether you made resolutions or didn’t, truth be told, once we’ve said goodbye to the holidays life will eventually return back to our ordinary day to day routine.

Doing the same thing all the time can leave us tired and weary. Another day at your desk, picking up toys, or fixing the same old supper can easily make you feel as if your life is uneventful and boring. But, friend, let this be a reminder to you that your life is much more than that. You were created in the image of an extra-ordinary God! Your ordinary story is another chapter in his eternal plan for us. You can be used in magnificent ways to serve God right where you are! Even changing dirty diapers or folding laundry! God can transform your ho hum days if you will let Him. But first you must choose to seek the extra in your ordinary.






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