Hello God..Is That You?




Do you ever feel as if the Lord is calling upon you to do something great? Do you feel the stirrings in your heart that He has laid something important before you and he is asking you to step up to the plate? When God calls us he doesn’t look us up in a directory or use the phone to give us His to do list. His magnificent plan for us begins to unfold when our hearts are profoundly moved by something.  Only when we let go and allow ourselves to fully trust in his will is when we know we’ve answered his call.

Negative thoughts can be your greatest obstacle and keep you from accomplishing the duty God has summoned you for. You respond to God by saying, “I’m not worthy enough.” or “How can I make a difference when I’m only one person?” The Lord is mighty and able!  He has gone before you and knows you are capable. He gives his boldest tasks to his bravest warriors. Silence your inner voices by saying, ” God is greater!” He is more powerful than all of the hurdles you may have to jump to achieve what it is He has in store for you.  Release all of your worries and have faith! What are you waiting on? Answer his call!





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