Your Identity In Christ

    Tomorrow, the streets will be taken over by witches, goblins, and other masked creatures of the night. Halloween is a fun tradition where your imagination has the ability to run wild and all of your favorite characters come to life. I am a big enthusiast of this particular holiday and enjoy the excitement of finding the perfect costume to surprise my family with at our annual Halloween party. This year will be especially fun since this will be my sons first trick-or-treat experience! 

    A quick stroll down the costume aisle will quickly leave you feeling overwhelmed by all of the werewolves, superheroes, and political figures that seem to jump right out at you. Each year on October 31, you are given one night to take on a whole new persona. You can transform into whomever it is you wish. But just as the clock strikes midnight for Cinderella, on November 1st you are turned back into your same self once again.

   Similar to wearing a mask on Halloween, there can be times in our lives when we feel we no longer recognize the person we see before us in the mirror. But I have great news! Look past your tired and weary eyes…past your worry and wrinkles…your identity in Christ has been found! Psalm 139:14 tells us, “You are fearfully and wonderfully made.” Isn’t it awesome knowing that Jesus knows all of your skeletons and He still calls you a child of God? He is there to rescue you from life’s monsters! He wants to bring you out of the darkness and into the light.

    Halloween is a day for fun, memories, and lots and lots of candy!! But it is also an opportunity to shed your mask. To dust your soul of the cobwebs and allow yourself to be freed from the chains that bind you. The devil is full of tricks but Jesus is the ultimate treat!




     My little one decided that four a.m. was the most reasonable hour to wake his parents this morning. After much coercion and rocking back and forth on my end, the stinker finally gave in to a few more hours of sweet slumber. As a new mom, one of my favorite moments are the quiet ones. The moments I can lie and stare at my sleeping baby and watch his chest rise and fall. The moments I catch a sweet smile on his lips while he is dreaming of something happy. My grandmother once said that when a baby smiles in their sleep that means they are playing with angels! Well, if you’ve ever caught a baby giving you a sleepy grin then you know this must be the only explanation.


      For me, one of the best moments of the day are in the mornings. While the rest of the world sleeps, I lie awake and watch the sun slowly creep into my home and cast an orangish glow onto the walls. I hear the birds in the large cedar tree outside my window singing the loveliest melody because they are happy and thankful. They sing praises to the One who created it all. 


    Before I ever set foot out of bed, I am overwhelmed by the blessings in my life. I get to wake up and do this everyday! I get to  experience another twenty-four hours full of Gods love and mercy. Another day to be called Mommy! There will be a day in the future that I won’t be able to lie here and watch my baby sleeping peacefully. He will be in his own bed and I will be missing him in mine. But, for now, I will just stay here and be still and be thankful for these quiet moments. The moments I can just take it all in and appreciate this gift of motherhood.


    What have you placed in your children’s bucket today? Positive words and kindness such as “Great job!” or “You’re so loved!” make our children’s bucket overflow with happiness and the result is a high self esteem. Are you guilty of yelling or being to harsh? The negative effects of cruel words on a child’s confidence is similar to poking holes in their bucket. It drains them and sometimes the holes can be hard to patch making them bitter into adulthood. Is your child’s bucket empty or full? Your words are extremely powerful. Use them to make a positive impact today. 


 Use these to help build up a happy and optimistic child!

  • I believe in you! 
  • You can be who you want to be!
  • Way to go! I’m proud of you!
  • You’re doing a fantastic job!
  • You Rock! 
  • You are so loved!
  • You make me smile!
  • You are so special to me!
  • You are a daughter/son of Christ!
  • You are beautiful inside and out!
  • You are a leader!
  • I love spending time with you!
  • You are so important!


     When I got pregnant with my son, I literally became nauseated at the thought of having to wear maternity clothes. I had never seen an appealing pair of denim jeans for pregnant women. In fact, the more I shopped, the more I came home disappointed. I realized that there isn’t a huge selection of clothes being offered for women who are carrying babies.  The things I did find were expensive and I wasn’t looking to spend a ton of money on something I wouldn’t wear but for a couple of months.

     I got lucky and my sister-in-law, whom had recently given birth to two boys, decided to gift me with her pre-owned maternity clothes. She came over and brought bags upon bags of clothes for me to wear. And if you’re like me, you never met a hand-me-down you didn’t like! One of the bags she brought was filled to the top with denim jeans which had a belly band attached to each. Although I was excited that she was kind enough to let me use these to get thru the remaining months of pregnancy, I wasn’t thrilled with the idea of saying goodbye to my skinny jeans! I had always been a smaller person and my expanding belly was totally new to me. I have to admit. Those maternity jeans may have not been the most stylish apparel I’d ever owned but they were the most comfy! 


    Right now my son is eleven months old and it’s been over a year since those old designer jeans have seen the light of day. They are still tucked neatly in the same drawer awaiting the next time I decide to wear them. But until then I will rock my mom jeans proudly! Every time I slip them on I am reminded of the reason I wear them. My stomach was once home to a precious miracle. My hips may never be the same shape and my middle may be more round but if sacrificing tight fitting pants for the beauty that new life brings I would happily do it all over again.  Ladies, Mom jeans are back! Wear them proudly and be fearless! No one can compare to your abilities as a Mother. Thirty years from now your child won’t look back and recall if you wore expensive jeans or ripped jeans. They will remember the mom who was confident in the woman she was! 


imageNo matter what your current situation is remember “This Too Shall Pass!” Everything in life is temporary. You can rest assured knowing that if you are experiencing a bad day that tomorrow offers a chance at a fresh start. And if you are having the time of your life, well, the universal truth is that it won’t last forever either. Embrace the good and the bad. We learn lessons from each. You can be comforted knowing God supplies us grace and strength to get thru both. 

image      When football season begins, my husbands inner man-fan comes out! There’s a whole lot of jumping, shouting, celebrating, and sulking that goes along with being married to a hardcore football fanatic. When we were first married, I refused to be one of those know, the football widows. The wives who lose their husbands for several months out of the year and when January or February rolls around you’re like, “Oh, hey! Where have you been hiding?” I didn’t want to be the one who didn’t know the difference between a punt or a fumble. Or the one who couldn’t care less if their team just made the biggest play in college football history. I couldn’t accept the idea that my husband could enjoy something so intensely and me not share in one of his life passions. So, when J and I married, I made a secret pact with myself that I would learn absolutely everything I could about this sport that my husband so deeply enjoyed.

    When we were younger, I didn’t know the first thing about sports. It was a subject that was completely foreign to me although I was born into a football family in a state that houses the biggest rivalry in the South. I would have rather done just about anything else other than watch a bunch of burly men hitting each other in the heads and running down the field with a ball. Still, I wanted to be able to share in my husbands excitement each year. So, when J watched football, I watched it too. And the more I watched..the more I came to enjoy it! It became fun for me. I began learning all the teams, their mascots, and their best players. I could even tell you who kicked a field goal or scored a touchdown while tuned in to a game.

   Years later, I don’t dread football season. I embrace it as a season that brings my husband and I closer together as a couple.  Marriage is similar to football in many aspects. You and your husband are a team hand picked by the Greatest Coach in history! Marriage takes a ton of hustle and determination but if you remain focused on winning with your spouse the fruits of yours efforts will pay off greatly. 

     Our team isn’t doing to hot this season. In fact, we’ve lost nearly as many games as we’ve won. But win or lose, I’ll be cheering at each game with my man by my side. I vowed to love him during all seasons of life and around here that includes football season!

image   Ladies: whether it’s football, hunting, boxing or whatever it is your guy is “in to” I encourage you to learn what it is they enjoy!

Create Your Own Sunshine!

image     Monday’s have always gotten a bad rap. Everyone dreads them. No one looks forward to them like they do Friday’s. It marks the end of two days dedicated to doing whatever it is you wish. But it doesn’t have to be this way! Monday’s are a privilege. They are another opportunity to wake up and experience a glorious new day. I know you’re thinking..”How can I look forward to the daily grind?” There is nothing exciting about five days of the same old routine. I used to be like a lot of you. Watching the clock while the minute hand seems broken because you are certain this day will never end.

      Several years ago, I worked as a mailroom courier at a local bank operations center. My day consisted of driving around to different bank branches and delivering mail as well as picking up other materials. I enjoyed this job very much because I got to see different people. But I knew this was not my calling. It was not what I was meant to do. It was however where I was supposed to be at that particular time.  

      While working there, a fellow co-worker of mine, an older gentlemen with big bifocals and Grandpa-like qualities, dubbed me “The Sunshine Girl”. Every afternoon for two years, this man would bust through the doors of my office and make hisself known by saying as loudly as he could, “There’s the sunshine girl!” It wasn’t until years later that I realized this mans kind demeanor went with him wherever he would go and his happy attitude was a ray of light all of its own. As I was sucked into the boring ho-hum of my work, this man brightened my day simply by spreading a little sunshine to whomever he came across.

      About a year ago, I ran across my friend in the grocery store. Time had obviously taken a toll on him and his health had deteriorated tremendously. I went up to him and his sweet wife and the first thing he said to me was, “Hello Sunshine!” He still had a big grin on that old familiar face and his words warmed my heart. For it seemed while he was spreading sunshine in my life, I was also a small ray in his. 

      Yes, Monday’s are hard and we often feel as if a dark cloud is hanging overhead. But we must choose to shine wherever we go. Each day of the week is another chance to be a light in someone’s life and Monday’s are no exception. It’s an opportunity to embrace another day as a gift and do what the Lord has put us on Earth to do. So, choose to radiate sunshine today! It’s like medicine to the soul. And who couldn’t use a little extra Vitamin D? 

Raising Our Children In Today’s Culture

        A quick scan of the news or briefly flipping through the local newspaper is enough to send a parent into hiding with their children. The world has become a dark and sinister place and can be down right frightening at times. Parents are afraid to send their children to school. People are afraid to go and do simple things such as pick up groceries or go see a movie. There is an uneasy feeling in the air. You may have even asked yourself, “What will happen next?” As a new mom, I have become increasingly more alarmed by the encounters my son may have to face as he grows in life. With the type of society we live in today, I find myself pondering the question..”How do we raise our children in today’s culture?”                     

   With crime rates and violence at an all time high, it’s easy to feel the pressure of it all weighing on your heart. Many times circumstances are beyond our control and we are left feeling hopeless. There is a spiritual battle being waged daily against motherhood and the hearts of our children. But you can rest easy, friend! The Bible has a solution for everything! We are told: 


So powerful! This verse reminds us that  raising good and wholesome children begins in the home. By setting a vision for our sons and daughters lives, we are laying the foundation for them to create their own vision for themselves later on. Train up your children with kindness, positivity, faith, and love! The result will be a happy and confident child that meets the ways of the world with the morals you ingrained in them. 

Prepping Your Home For The Fall

    I can’t believe September is gone and we are already half way through the second week of October. This year has flown by!  The leaves are changing and cover my backyard in a blanket of fiery reds, cheerful oranges, and vibrant yellows! Nothing puts me in the spirit quite like making some seasonal changes around my home. I start pulling out the pumpkins and scarecrows the first week of September. Here is a fun list for you to use when prepping your home this Fall!  


What are some of your favorite ways to make your home into a cozy Fall retreat?