The Strength of Motherhood

image    My idea of strength is motherhood. God built and designed each mother completely different yet we all have the same purpose. As a mom our mission is to raise our children to the best of our abilities, set a loving and Godly example, and provide them with the knowledge they will need to succeed in life.

   When I think of a mothers strength, I am reminded of a tree that is deeply rooted in the ground. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that God gave us similar qualities. Just as a tree requires nurturing, so do our children. They need much sunshine and to be watered daily with positive affirmations and Gods goodness. It’s important that we are planting seeds of faith and love so that our children’s lives yield an abundance of fruit. 

    Like branches grow towards the sky, we should stretch our arms towards the heavens and offer up praise to Him for allowing us the privilege of raising these children for His kingdom work. Have you ever ran your hand over a trees bark? It has many ridges, bumpy places, and is rough to touch. Motherhood can be rough sometimes too. There are times when we get to a bumpy spot and feel like giving up but we should remember that we are called to do this for the glory of God.

      Our children grow and change as quickly as the colors of leaves transform. This season of life doesn’t last long. When we start to feel the winds blow and the ground beneath us shake, it’s comforting to know that the Lord created us with his own hands. He formed us each in His own image and made us beautiful in every aspect that makes us a mother. Our creator plants us, cares for us, and protects us from the conditions of life.


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