Many young couples are curious what the secret to a long and happy relationship is. In the last few years, the sanctity of marriage has come under attack and scrutiny by those that no longer believe in the principles that the Bible laid out for us many years ago. There is a spiritual battle being waged against families and the rate of divorce and broken homes have increased tremendously. The truth of the matter is that there isn’t some magical secret that couples married for fifty plus years only hold the key too. The answer to a long and successful union between a husband and wife begins with bowed heads and a servants heart. 

        My husband and I are far from perfect. We both have flaws and are aware of each other’s imperfections. We have had our fair share of highs and lows but remain determined to stand together in a world that is continually threatening faith and marriages. Several years ago, we began praying with each other in the mornings. No matter how busy our day may become we always make it a priority to lift our praise to the Lord together. Normally, my husband will lead the prayer. He begins by thanking the Lord for all of our blessings and then asks the Lord to supply all of our needs. He ends it by covering our marriage and other areas in prayer.  We have been continually blessed in our marriage and we feel as if the Lord has heard and answered many of our prayers!

        Prayer is a powerful tool and is essential to any healthy relationship. Not only does it bring you more close to God but it brings you closer together as a couple too! By making it a prime focus, you can turn your marriage into a testimony of your faith. Soon, people will be curious what your secret to a blissful marriage is! And you can simply tell them that, “A couple that prays together, Stays together!”



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